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Statut : CNRS Post-doctorant
Contact : cesar.fortes-lima[@]mnhn.fr
Équipe de recherche : Anthropologie évolutive

Thèmes interdisciplinaires de recherche :
- Anthropological Genetics
- Human Population Genetics
- Biological Anthropology

Recherches actuelles :
- Complex models of admixture, forward-in-time simulations
- Recontruction demographic history
- Estimation of admixture timing
- Approximate Bayesian Computation methods

Participation à une ANR :
- METHIS: Influence of admixture histories on the genetic evolution of hybrid populations. Funding 2015-2019: ANR-15-CE32-0009-01

Publications récentes et/ou sous presse:

Fortes-Lima C.A. (2016). Tracing the genetic origin of African descendants from South America. Scientific Book. ISBN-10: 3639847660. ISBN-13: 978-3-639-84766-6. EAN: 9783639847666. Publisher: Editions Universitaires Européennes. Number of pages: 280.

Fortes-Lima C.A., Brucato N., Croze M., Bellis G., Schiavinato S., Massougbodji A., Migot-Nabias F., and Dugoujon J.M. (2015). Genetic population study of Y-chromosome markers in Benin and Ivory Coast ethnic groups. Forensic Sci Int Genet. 19:232-237, doi:10.1016/j.fsigen.2015.07.021. PMID: 26275614.

Fortes-Lima C., Dugoujon J.M., Hernandez C.L., Reales G., and Calderon R. (2014). Immunoglobulin genes in Andalusia (Spain). Genetic diversity in the Mediterranean space. C R Biol. 337(11):646-656. PMID: 25444709.

Reales G., Hernandez C., Dugoujon J.M., Novelletto A., Fortes-Lima C., Rodriguez J.N., and Calderon R. (2014). New insights into the distribution of APOE polymorphism in the Iberian Peninsula. The case of Andalusia (Spain). Ann Hum Biol. doi:10.3109/03014460.2013.877966. PMID: 24502694.

Ambrosio B., Novelletto A., Hernandez C., Dugoujon J.M., Fortes-Lima C., Rodriguez J.N., and Calderon R. (2012). Y-STR genetic diversity in autochthonous Andalusians from Huelva and Granada provinces (Spain). Forensic Sci Int Genet 6(2):e66-71. PMID: 21664894.

- 2012–2015: PhD in Biological Anthropology, Faculty of Medicine, University Paul Sabatier (UPS), Toulouse, France. Thesis Defense date: December 17th, 2015. Thesis reseach: http://thesesups.ups-tlse.fr/2957/.

2011–2012: MSc Degree in Tropical Parasitic Diseases, Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Valencia, UV, Valencia, Spain.

2009–2011: MSc Degree in Physical Anthropology: “Evolution and Human Biodiversity”, Autonomy University of Madrid (UAM), UCM, and UAH, Madrid, Spain.

2003–2009: BSc Degree in Biology, Complutense University of Madrid (UCM), Madrid, Spain.

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