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Évelyne Heyer

Professor at the National Museum of Natural History in Anthropology Genetics

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Évelyne Heyer

I am working in the broad field of Human Evolutionary genetics with a special focus in Human population genetics.

The three main questions for my research are:
- peopling history
- detecting and estimating natural selection
- evaluating the importance of social behaviour and their transmission in the evolution of our species

In practice in the team we are working on 3 areas in the world for which we have an interdisciplinary approach:
- the Quebec population
- Central Africa: the Pygmies and their neighbours

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Afrique Centrale
Populations sampled

- Central Asia : Genetic and linguistic diversity in Central Asia comparison of nomad herders and agriculturalists

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Asie Centrale
Populations Sampled

I was Editor of Human Biology with F Manni and G Barbujani from 2009 to 2013

Human Biology

some pictures on my work on the field

Recent Publications