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Information System in Ethnobiology : documentation and multimedia search

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Five units corresponding to specific subjetcs have been privileged :

- Rainforest peoples ethnoecology.
- Health, diseases, and misfortune : Anthropological Multimedia publication centre.
- Terroir Ressources : cultures, customs and societies
- Ethnobiology and cultural biodiversity.
- Amulets and magical objects recovered from Dakar’s rubbish dump (Senegal) (ALEP collection).

The configuration of Ecological Anthropology and Ethnobiology Unit leads us to think about how to work together, in the documentation field, on a comprehensive project covering different research fields (of different yet complementary topics, and cultural and geographical areas). In other words, this is what we call Information System on Ethnobiology and Ecological anthropology.

The creation of a multiple unit document management system was the result of a common thinking on our respective document resources and on how to manage them. The document bases related to the main areas of our unit project will be coordinated and linked to each other. However, each document base will keep its proper and original characteristics.

Our efforts focus on the connection conditions between the different document bases and the necessary technical procedures for the management of various documents. From a technical point of view, this implies a minimum sharing and adjustment of catalogues and of the document indexes that are proper to each unit all in taking into account our respective work realities. It also implies elaborating footbridges between the different document bases as well as a minimum level of harmonization.

This huge document management device shall be structures around a reference web site and multiple units. Thus, all shared resources will be available on line. Several options are possible and can be studied although, for the moment, we highlight the following : each document management system remains independent from the others however, all four document bases are hosted on the same sever with the possibility of consulting each one separately or all four bases at the same time. Such an option would add a uniform character to the global organization of our work and would also enhance the readability of our research’s metastructure.