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A common thinking on how to manage our respective document resources has led to the elaboration of a multiple unit document management system.

The main subjects that currently structure the Health, Illness and Misfortune Video library are :

Daily life, Nutrition, Body techniques, Ages of life, Learning, Nonverbal communication, Sounds and musics of life, Pathological status of the body, Divination, Healing arts and Modified conscience status

These subjects concerns humans, but also include domestic, commensal, and wild animals : learning, death of the animal. The library should be enriched with more documentation concerning the previous subjects.

We carry out the collection, filing, and analysis of ethnographic films and video documents "Grey videos". Priority is given to long sequence shots that enable researchers to follow up, in real time, an ordinary or extraordinary event, the carrying out of a certain technique or a task, a body treatment procedure or a ritual.

We also participate in the production of these documents and films at different levels : encouraging researchers to carry cameras in the field ; lending cameras ; giving technical advice regarding the equipments ; offering trainings for beginners in ethnographic filming and video document editing ; scale modelling and video document editing ; publication of video documents on the SMM base in the form of video cassettes, digital video files, or any other form ; multimedia publications.

Furthermore, the organisation of regular seminars bringing together qualified action groups (actors, authors, different specialists) is always an occasion to continue both mono-disciplinary and multidisciplinary analysis of the same subjects and materials by means of exchanging different points of view.

We are transforming the video library (more than 450 films) into a digitized media library, that will soon be available on-line.

In addition to all that, we are actively collaborating to the setting up of the Centre de ressources du Musée de l’Homme, especially in the framework of the exposition Births. This exposition has been an occasion for us to publish the films related to biological and social birth, birth strictly speaking, as well as mother and childcare and first aid.