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Final Report of APFT Program

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Final Report of APFT Program

The Future of Tropical Rainforest Peoples (APFT)

APFT was a multi-disciplinary project sponsored by the European Community (DG VIII) which aimed to investigate and document the future of the peoples of the rainforest. The major input was from anthropologists.

Started in 1995 the project ran for five years, and involved over 30 researchers EU and ACP (senior and trainee) in three principal areas: the Caribbean, central Africa and the southwestern Pacific.

The five volumes of this report are freely downloadable below:


Volume 1: Forêts des tropiques, forêts anthropiques

Volume 2: Une approche thématique

Volume 3: Région Afrique Centrale

Volume 4: Région Caraïbes

Volume 5 : Pacific Region