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  • Evelyne Heyer, Jean-Tristan Brandenburg, Michela Leonardi, Bruno Toupance, Patricia Balaresque, Tanya Hegay, Almaz Aldashev, Frederic Austerlitz (2015) Patrilineal populations show more male transmission of reproductive success than cognatic populations in Central Asia, which reduces their genetic diversity. American Journal of Physical Anthropology
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  • P Balaresque, TE King, EJ Parkin, E Heyer, D Carvalho‐Silva (2014) Gene Conversion Violates the Stepwise Mutation Model for Microsatellites in Y‐Chromosomal Palindromic Repeats. Human mutation 35 (5), 609-617
  • E Priehodová, A Abdelsawy, E Heyer, V Černý (2014) Lactase Persistence Variants in Arabia and in the African Arabs Human Biology 86 (1), 7-18
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  • Heyer E, Georges M, Pachner M, Endicott P 2013 Genetic diversity of four Filipino negrito populations from Luzon : comparison of male and female effective population sizes and differential integration of immigrants into Aeta and Agta communities. Hum Biol. 2013 Feb-Jun ;85(1-3):189-208.
  • Aimé C, Laval G, Patin E, Verdu P, Ségurel L, Chaix R, Hegay T, Quintana-Murci L, Heyer E, Austerlitz F "Human genetic data show strongly contrasting demographic regimes between sedentary and nomadic populations that predates the emergence of farming". 2013 Mol Biol Evol – 2013 Dec ;30(12):2629-44
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  • Gaëtan Burgio, Michel Baylac, Evelyne Heyer, and Xavier Montagutelli. 2012. Exploration of the Genetic Organization of Morphological Modularity on the Mouse Mandible Using a Set of Interspecific Recombinant Congenic Strains Between C57BL/6 and Mice of the Mus spretus Species G3 : Genes Genomes Genetics G3 (Bethesda). 2012 Oct ;2(10):1257-68
  • Noemie SA Becker, Paul Verdu, Myriam Georges, Philippe Duquesnoy, Alain Froment, Serge Amselem, Yves Le Bouc and Evelyne Heyer. 2013. The role of GHR and IGF1 genes in the genetic determination of African pygmies’ short stature - European Journal of Human Genetics Jun ;21(6):653-8
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  • Heyer E, Chaix R, Pavard S., Austerlitz F (2012) “Sex-specific behaviors that shape human genomic variation” Molecular Ecology Mol Ecol. Feb ;21(3):597-612
  • Heyer E. 2011. Comments on “The domain of the Replicators : Selection, Neutrality and Cultural Evolution" by J S Lansing and Murray P Cox. Current Anthropology 52(1):119-120.
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