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AIME Carla

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Status : PhD student

Contact :

Location : Jardin des Plantes, rue Buffon


Research team
- Population Genetics

Interdisciplinary Research Themes
- Population Genetics
- Biological Anthropology
- Statistics
- Modelling

Presentation Carla Aimé’s thesis work consists in inferring human populations’ past demography from current genetic data, with the aim of reconstructing the demographic history of these populations. She also analyses the links between demography, genetics and lifestyle by comparing nomadic and sedentary populations. Indeed, the available data from archaeology and paleoanthropology suggests more important expansions in sedentary populations since the Neolithic. Genetics could bring complementary information on the matter, in particular thanks to methods based on coalescent theory (Kingman, 1982).

Ongoing Papers “Demographic inferences from genetic data in human populations : do differences in past expansion signals reflect differences in ways of life ?” Aimé C., Laval G., Patin E., Verdu P., Ségurel L., Chaix R., Quintana-Murci L., Heyer E., Austerlitz F.

Recent Papers
- Work experience master 1 (Centre of evolutionary and functional ecology, Montpellier) : Lambrechts M., Aimé C., et al., 2011. ”Total nest height and breeding success in first and replacement clutches : an experimental study in blue tits.” J. Ornithol. 153 : 173-179.
- Work Experience Master 2 (Genetics and evolution of plant populations lab, Lille) : Brachi B, Aimé C, et al., 2012. Adaptive Value of Phenological Traits in Stressful Environments : Predictions Based on Seed Production and Laboratory Natural Selection. PLoS ONE 7(3) : e32069. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0032069.

School : Diversité du Vivant, Paris VI. Dir. Frédéric Austerlitz